Progress #4 – Colour scheme change and slight idea change :O

My title says it. After weeks of doing my work I decided “components of exposure” is not going to be enough to get a good grade. The brief states the infographic needs to show a how to process so I am now doing “get the correct exposure”. My vectors are the same. Just in the outer circles I am going to change my idea slighty.
Colour scheme has been a horrendous thing for me in this assignment. From different exploring with different tones of blue/yellow/white/pink/purple/orange/grey I have decided the important colours I need are yellow and white to portray lighting – what exposure is all about! Getting the correct lighting for your image.

I have three colour schemes here. Which do you think is best?

layout colour schemes


Progress #3

After two hours of trying to fix illustrator I realised my font I had installed mucked it up. Here is a JPG of my project so far.
Firstly, the “components of” font is not one I am set on, I quite like the colour. I didn’t think it would work well but it was recommended based on the blue and black in the colour palette. I have played around with layouts a lot, and thanks to advice from Rosalie I have decided on the circle in the middle with an outer ring of circles. In the centre is going to be a camera. The words “iso” “aperture” and “shutter speed” are going to be curved. I couldn’t do this without the font looking stupid so I am going to speak to my tutor about how to do this effectively. The black circle is divided into sections. In the ISO section I am going to have images of the sun transitioning to the moon to show the changes in ISO. The numbers will be underneath. A similar strategy will be used for aperture and shutter speed. However for shutter speed I will have a moving human figure, and for aperture a flower with a background changing focus as it moves along. This introduces a timeline sort of feel to the infographic. The circles on the outside will be connected by lines and have information on what iso/shutter speed/aperture is, with an example “photo” (vectors) of how to achieve a balanced one.


I’ve made drafts for my three ideas. I need to pick a new one. The ones with the tick next to them are the ones I like best. What topic do you think I should pursue?




Progress #2

After showing Matt (my tutor) my draft plan and layout we decided there was too much going on and it was kind of boring. Currently I am looking into ideas that relate to photography. Potential ideas and inspirational infographics;

– What camera should you use?

– How to prepare for a photoshoot

– Photography compositions

– focus on one technique instead of five
DCM125.shoot_basics.indd DCM150.shoot_basics.indd
– How to get the right exposure
sshot506c50fdcd797 Exposure-Guide2 digital-photography-exposure-guide_51d6e7cd4e112 85372_05cd6ef004ed41bd91d69a89f0fbdabe
– Night photography
At the moment I am leaning towards doing either “what camera should you use”, how to prepare for a photoshoot, photo compositions, or exposure. Which one do you think would be best to pursue?


This week I have been quite unwell with a stomach bug therefore I used this week to plan everything and take my source photos. There were no photos on pixabay of cameras that were suitable therefore I took my own. They are attached in this post. Along with that I have planned my layout roughly; the final is subject to change of course. In illustrator I have began creating my aperture vectors using the process from my research post.


This photo is a good example of a high ISO as it is grainy 😉

camera back 2 camera back camera front on 2 camera front on setting wheel
Tomorrow I have a day off so will post a progress update tomorrow too.

Communication Objectives

Before I set out my communication objectives I need to understand what the assignment is asking of me. I have summarised this below for future reference.

– Show how something works using illustrations to provide the information
– Small sized graphic summarising the larger graphic with an icon and a title. Must be relevant to the topic.
– A large informational graphic.
– use minimal text.

I am going to do my informational graphic on Manual Photography. I have a passion for photography so this means I already have the knowledge and the interest to complete the assignment to the best of my capability. I however do need to research further into the process.

I am going to communicate to the viewers what the techniques involved in manual photography are. The list is below.
– Aperture
– Shutter Speed
– Exposure
– White balance

The image will be split into five charts showing the processes of the techniques with a heading outlining the technique name.
– What the technique does
– How the technique works
– Each stage of the techniques process and the photographic subject it is suited to.