Progress Report

What I have done;
– Masked out the background and enlarged the male figure
– Masked out/in areas to make it appear he is behind her
– Used curves to lighten his face up a little bit
– Removed trees from the background by duplicating the layer & using clone stamp
– Masked out 2/3 figures coming out of the walls
– Masked out the gps logos background, filled in with appropriate colours and linked the layers together for easier movement
– Masked out the heart background, filled in with appropriate colours and linked layers together for easier movement
– Named all files (the two not in the screenshot have now been named)
– Created folders for easier editing

Yet to do;
– Lighting adjustments (female model, screen reflection)
– Finish masking out the figures coming out of the wall and turn into silhouettes
– Make the figures look as though they are coming out of the wall
– Make the gps symbol look realistic
– Make the colours on the arrow darker so the arrow is more noticable
– Create a circle around the heart
– Adjust/create shadows.

How do you guys think I am getting along? Any feedback is appreciated ūüôā


Source Photos

I have taken all my images and have numerous angles/lighting conditions for all the shots containing people. The images were taken at the same time in the same place to get lighting fairly close to one another so editing that should not be a problem.

Model shots.
IMG_9799  IMG_9817
Model shot – coming out of the wall. Sideways on purpose. This was taken in a different location as it was too dark to see in the same location as the previous source images.
IMG_9838 IMG_9845 IMG_9847
Dating app and gps logo. The circle around the heart will be edited in photoshop before putting the dating app logo into the gps symbol.
IMG_9853   IMG_9851

Concept Thumbnails

I have ordered my concept thumbnails in what I believe is strongest to weakest. To recap on my message and communication objectives; I am portraying how dating applications are making it easier to stalk/track people, and putting people in danger. I want to communicate this idea using a mobile, have an oblivious female, and a silhouette or masked male so the girl and audience are both clueless as to who it is. Phone screens will be created in photoshop, as well as GPS symbols and the logo. If this is not allowed due to breaching the brief I will be drawing the symbols on paper, photographing them, then editing them in photoshop to look photo real.

Thumbnail One:
A silhouetted man is holding a phone with a dating app open. I am considering having the man wearing an anonymous mask too. The screen shows a map with girls photos on it accompanied by a shape with a tick and a cross. So he can identify the girls in front of him and whether he likes them or not. The girls are on the street are holding their phones have a gps symbol with a shape in them. This connects the girls with the photos. In the corner of the application will be the application logo. Which I will show at the end of this post. I have another alternative look for the application screen below which has the same components but a different layout.
Thumbnail Two;
This was my original idea. A female would be on her phone with the dating application open, the logo would be on the screen. She is walking down a dark alleyway and out of the walls are silhouetted figures trying to reach her. I could add a GPS symbol above her head with the application logo in it to communicate the idea more.

Thumbnail Three;
Similar to the previous thumbnails, however this time we have the female walking towards the silhouetted man in the street. He has the dating application open on his phone. The GPS symbol will be coming out of the phone with a photo of the female accompanied by a tick and cross underneath. In the bottom of the phone screen is the application logo.

Thumbnail Four;
The concept is the same as the previous thumbnail. A female walking down a street/alleyway. Around the corner of the wall is a male watching her. However, this time the male is wearing a black hat and sunglasses to hide who is it. He has a phone out with a dating application open showing the application logo, a photo of her and a tick/cross.

Note; Ignore the fact I have drawn the male with four arms, I forgot he was going to be holding a phone when I drew him, whoops. He will not have four in the real image if this thumbnail is selected.

Thumbnail Five;
A female is holding her phone in front of her. On the screen will be the dating application open, a blurred photo of a male will be on the screen along with the application logo. There will be a silhouetted hand coming out of the screen towards her face. I am unsure of what colour the background would be, I was thinking black to convey mystery but the silhouette would not stand out, unless I just have a shadowed arm.

Thumbnail Six;
This would be a split image. On the left side would be a male wearing dark sunglasses in a dark room with minimal lighting on his face and phone to convey a spooky feel. He will have his phone. In the background will be strange objects such as female dolls or knives. On the right side would be a female wearing make up and looking pretty. She too has her phone. In the background will be a flower wallpaper design. On both phones will be the dating application logo.


There will be a heart, it will be red. I took the photo before I drew in the left side coloured. Both sides will be coloured. An arrow is going through the heart and on the end is a flower, it will probably be a red or pink. People are familiar with an arrow going through a heart due to valentine’s day, and flowers are associated with dating. Therefore I think this is an effective way to communicate it is a dating application.

Communication Objectives

The idea I am going to visualise in my image is mobile dating apps are making it easier to stalk people. When drawing sketches I had three ideas of how to portray my idea.

1. Have a split image. On one side would be a filthy, fat, messy looking male smiling creepily at his phone in a dark lit room. And on the other side a pretty, young, smiling girl in a nature setting. I felt this would be discriminative and having a negative stereotype set towards overweight people so decided against it.

2. A girl side on smiling at her tablet/mobile phone. A silhouette of an arm and face would be coming out of the screen towards her face. ¬†With a logo of a dating app in the corner. I decided against this idea as I can not used an apps ¬†logo without breaking copyright and if I created my own I felt people would know it’s about an app but be unsure what it is saying.

3. My current idea a female or male will be placed in the centre of my image (rule of thirds) walking in a dark lit alley way. There will be two walls that will be created in photoshop using lines and filling in the section with textures if I do not find a suitable alleyway. This is to create an idea of when you are on your phone you are distracted from what is going on around you. You are oblivious to danger. Coming out of the walls will be silhouettes of people trying to grab the individual. The silhouettes will be dark enough so you can not see their face but have light so you can see the hands trying to grab the person. This represents the idea of you never know who you are talking to while on your phone and the idea of dating apps making it easier for people to stalk you. I will take the image of a person on green screen and use photoshop to edit, then repetition of the silhouettes. I will be using leading lines to lead the viewer’s eye to the person and phone first then the silhouettes. Making the audience just as oblivious as the individual in the image.

Below is a brief sketch of how I will portray this idea.
Overall objectives;
– Have the female girl oblivious as she is too invested in her phone to notice the stalker
– Use a symbol of a heart and wifi to represent a dating app. This will be on both mobiles
– Have the male masked or as a silhouette to give the idea you never know who you are talking to.
– Dark setting to emphasis mystery and danger

Feel free to critique my idea and provide feedback on what I can do to improve my idea. And if you think another idea was stronger.


My research began when I started browsing news websites unsure of what direction I wanted to go in, that was until I found a topic of interest. The addiction society has to smartphones. However as I was reading I found the topic of interest was too open. Therefore I went onto various news websites looking for a piece describing the negatives of smartphone addiction in depth. I narrowed it down to three subtopics; smartphones stunting the development of children, smartphones turning people into zombies, and smartphone apps tracking people’s movements. I decided to go on an article titled “Happn dating app seems like a stalker’s dream”¬†published Sunday February 12th 2015. This is my chosen article as it has a lot of detail, is relevant in society, and it clearly painted a picture in my mind of the direction I can take my image. The article explains the risk of sexual assault and stalking due to a dating app that uses GPS tracking to tell others all about yourself, where you currently are, and how far away you are. My aim is to make viewers become more aware of the dangers smartphones pose as it could potentially endanger their lives. The source I gathered my article from is the New Zealand site¬†¬† which is part of¬†Fairfax Media.¬†It is a multi-award winning news and information website, meaning it is a reliable source.

Happn is the latest addition to the app-based dating scene.
Stuff. (2015). Happn is the latest addition to the app-based dating scene. Retrieved from