2 thoughts on “Images

  1. I really like how you went with the third colour scheme. The dark grey really goes well with the white and yellow. I think the lay out is great it’s not going to be too cluttered, the icons work well. Not much I can critique in terms of improvement. It’s got a very cool feeling to it. Plus your A8 icon goes with it brilliantly, I could slightly critique that, but I’m particularly OCD, I look at the camera and the face and the hands/face connect a little strangely on the left hand side of the image, like there should be more face behind that hand maybe? overall great job.


  2. Hello Kelsey, Your colour scheme works brilliantly well! I also like in terms of your layout that you’ve gone for a circular design, similar to what you would see on a DSLR camera! overall very visually appealing, easy to gain information from, and a great piece! Well done 🙂


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