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“When I think of yoga I see the blue mat that people are on. I also think it is a feminine activity which I associate with the colour pink. The green I feel doesn’t work too well as it makes me think of nature, it would work if you were including something in your infographic on health. I like the cream pastel colour you have included. You could maybe include grey? I found an infographic which has a similar colour scheme to yours, it describes the health benefits which could be an angle you want to pursure.


“I think the process of adopting a pet through the SPCA is a good one to go with. For step two maybe do a tick on the dog or hearts around it to show it is the one that has been picked. Step four if I just saw the house I wouldn’t really get it was a house inspection. Maybe next to the house have a piece of paper with inspection on it and a checklist on the page. Other then those two critiques I love all the other steps. When I heard your idea in class I thought ‘that will be hard to show’ but you have managed to show it all through pictures, with a couple of words. Great job. I look forward to seeing the progress you make next week.”


“It’s good you have realised early on you would have difficulty and chosen to pursue another topic. My advice would be to pick your favourite cupcake recipe or one you are familiar with. I have found a couple of infographics which could be suited to your new topic. However some are on different topics yet would work with your topic 🙂 I feel this one has a good layout and process. The idea of having the cupcake information in a bowl is cool. You could have your information on something relating to the process or decoration? Nice pretty layout”


“Wow Spencer! This is amazing. The vector are so detailed and look so good. I love the how the vectors combine into the background, it makes the colour scheme work very well together. I must admit I only read the headings and not all of the content. I feel like there were a bit too many words going on. However, it is good you are being informative. The font fits the lady gaga “crazy” and “out there” portrayal. With your small image if I saw it I would be interested in viewing the infographic as the bright colours and the creativity attracts me and draws me in straight away :)”


“I like this colour scheme opposed to the one you had posted previously. The blue seems more suitable. The typography for the diamond is perfect. It gives it a sense of elegance and prestige which is what diamonds are somewhat associated with. I prefer the second layout with the boxes. I feel with the way you have created the diamond geometrically it works well. I do however find the different typography for the 4 C’s a little distracting.”

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