Progress #4 – Colour scheme change and slight idea change :O

My title says it. After weeks of doing my work I decided “components of exposure” is not going to be enough to get a good grade. The brief states the infographic needs to show a how to process so I am now doing “get the correct exposure”. My vectors are the same. Just in the outer circles I am going to change my idea slighty.
Colour scheme has been a horrendous thing for me in this assignment. From different exploring with different tones of blue/yellow/white/pink/purple/orange/grey I have decided the important colours I need are yellow and white to portray lighting – what exposure is all about! Getting the correct lighting for your image.

I have three colour schemes here. Which do you think is best?

layout colour schemes


16 thoughts on “Progress #4 – Colour scheme change and slight idea change :O

  1. I like the first and last the most! The middle one’s main colour I don’t particularly like as I think it makes it look a little plain. But the other two definitely look good! Colour wise I like the blue in the first, but I think overall the black works the best and makes it look more captivating and professional. I love the composition of your design and how you have made the title contrast. 🙂


  2. I like the first and last the most! The middle one’s main colour I don’t particularly like as I think it makes it look a little plain. But the other two definitely look good! Colour wise I like the blue in the first, but I think overall the black works the best and makes it look more captivating and professional. I love the composition of your design and how you have made the title contrast. 🙂


  3. I like the last two! This is awesome by the way and I would definitely refer to it when using my camera 🙂 I prefer “components of exposure” and the yellow stands out better on the darker background. Great work!


  4. I think the better ones are the first two. having a black background looks too neutral and doesn’t really have much of a visual appeal as the others do. I personally like the colours, but I had the same critique with my colour scheme and the answer I got was to pick something that didn’t look so simple or pick a very typical colour. Apart from the colour, I actually really like the idea you have behind this! I feel like when I look at it I get a general idea of what I am looking at, and to me (IDK about anyone else) I feel like it has a ‘sciency’ look to it, so I feel like I should be learning something when I look at it.


  5. I feel that the first and the last one have better colours than the middle one. The black in particular is my favourite, and it really contrasts with the yellow colour of the font. The black is also more eye catching to me. Although I think the grey on the dial in the middle needs to be a bit lighter, to stand out more against the black. The first blue one also looks nice, especially if you want the background to have a colour. But I think that the black is better overall.


  6. I like all of your colour schemes! However i know that they are quite strict with colour in terms of the marking schedule. You really need a point of difference to get an inforgraphic noticed and perhaps you could do a vintage theme with vintage colouring, these days photography is often connotated with being vintage thanks to filters and apps like instagram. Check out this link of an info graphic I found on pinterest There is actually a section of the info graphic that has the same information as yours, and it uses blue like your choices so far but also a vintage yellowy/beigey colour. You could then go on to use fonts and the whole theme to fit in with the vintage colour scheme! Good luck!


  7. I like the third colour scheme the most, mainly because of the high contrast going on. I find the colour scheme of the middle image a bit loud and difficult to read. I would suggest making the lines a little bit thicker and make the lines connecting the circles in particular yellow to match the colour of your font, to really make your image pop and get the most out of that nice-looking contrasting colour scheme! I would also suggest making the grey circle around the camera yellow, and the icons inside that circle black, to stand out even more. Can’t wait to see the final product, I’m sure it will look great!


  8. I really like the black background but I am aware that they mark the use of colour so that may be problematic but the yellow contrasts nicely with the black. The other colour scheme I like is the middle one, I think the teal colour is a little dull. In reference the to title change I think that “components of exposure” gives a different idea from “[how to] get the correct exposure” and in order to meet the brief that you should stick with the “correct exposure” title. Can’t wait to see the final result, good luck!


  9. I like the third colour scheme best, it’s the most professional and sleek looking one in my opinion. I think a big reason why I like it better is because the circle are lighter than the background… so maybe if you did decide to go for a blue background you could try making the circle white or another lighter colour. I also think the grey and green-yellow go really well together and create an appropriate ‘technological’ feeling for the subject of your infographic. I think the font you use for the word ‘Exposure’ is working well because its quite clean and modern but the font for ‘Components of’ isn’t quite right in my opinion. I would go for another geometric font because it’s more fitting for the theme of your infographic.


  10. I like all of your colour schemes, however at first glance, my eyes are automatically drawn to your third option because it creates an effective contrast between the white/black and yellow allowing viewers to understand/be more attracted your process more quickly. However, i think that if you have a dark background you should consider changing the colour of the camera placed in the middle of your piece, the camera is one of your main points represented through out your work and it doesn’t get enough recognition when placed over a dark background. I think that the phrase “Components of Exposure” flows nicely, and it links in perfectly with you idea, however the phrase “Get the Correct Exposure” ties in better with the brief so i feel thats the safest way to go. Why have you chosen to keep “exposure” smaller, on the right hand side of your brief in comparison to the rest of your title, isn’t your main objective to enlighten people of the process of exposure? therefore it should be one of your main emphasised points of the infographic? Just a thought! and something that the tutors may pick up on!


  11. Hiya! I really like your idea and layout! It is very visually appealing and captures the main concept of your infographic well! In terms of colour schemes, I like the first and last ones most. I almost like the black on best as from a photography point of view, this can tie into the use of dark rooms, the use of positive and negative space etc. The dark blue however is visually appealing as well! I also like the title “Components of Exposure” best as I think it bring out the “How to” element! I would make the text of the title all one size, or emphasise the word ‘exposure’ to get this point across! Other than that, you’re going really well! Great job!


  12. Cool idea Kelsey! Seems like you’ve really thought about something that you’re interested in and used that as your infographic. I definitely like the last colour scheme the best as it really makes the yellow stand out and the idea of light in your infographic is a main part! The dark grey and white contrast nicely together and it is all very eye-catching. Remember that you can use different shades of those main colours if you need to shake it up a little! I really like the font and the structure of your graphic as it is simple, interesting and easy to read. Keep it up!


  13. I think the first concept stands out the most. The Use of colour is slightly easier on the eye and looks realy good. I like the simplicity of your design, which is very suitable for an infographic. It would be nice to see a subtle texture in some parts of the design.


  14. Looks great! Being a photography fan myself I really like the concept and what you’ve done with it so far.

    In terms of which image I think is more appealing, I would say the third. I’m drawn to the dark background as it with the yellow title, it stands out more. The contrast of the background and the title work well together and really makes your image POP and stand out.

    As for the graphics, I think they look super effective with the darker background too. The darkness gives your Infographic more of a serious and professional tone to the overall image.


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