Progress #3

After two hours of trying to fix illustrator I realised my font I had installed mucked it up. Here is a JPG of my project so far.
Firstly, the “components of” font is not one I am set on, I quite like the colour. I didn’t think it would work well but it was recommended based on the blue and black in the colour palette. I have played around with layouts a lot, and thanks to advice from Rosalie I have decided on the circle in the middle with an outer ring of circles. In the centre is going to be a camera. The words “iso” “aperture” and “shutter speed” are going to be curved. I couldn’t do this without the font looking stupid so I am going to speak to my tutor about how to do this effectively. The black circle is divided into sections. In the ISO section I am going to have images of the sun transitioning to the moon to show the changes in ISO. The numbers will be underneath. A similar strategy will be used for aperture and shutter speed. However for shutter speed I will have a moving human figure, and for aperture a flower with a background changing focus as it moves along. This introduces a timeline sort of feel to the infographic. The circles on the outside will be connected by lines and have information on what iso/shutter speed/aperture is, with an example “photo” (vectors) of how to achieve a balanced one.

6 thoughts on “Progress #3

  1. Your work in progress looks great! The font you have chosen works well and I agree that changing the content font could be beneficial to the piece. Having one circle in the middle and the smaller ones around the outside is aesthetically pleasing and overall the piece is clean to look at. How you will create a moving human figure I am unsure of as this image is static, maybe lines surrounding them suggesting movement could work? The colour palette of black and blue looks great.


  2. This is so clever Kelsey! I love that it’s centred around the settings wheel and camera. It’ll really help people like me who are completely useless with cameras and who want to know a little bit more about things like exposure which are important.
    I would agree with you about the font for the “Components of”, simply because your title should grab your attention and I didn’t notice it and also maybe your choice of colour in the background. It’s a very bright colour and does stand out quite a lot which may draw attention away from what’s on your graph.
    But it’s great so far 🙂


  3. Hey Kelsey! I really love the layout of this. I think the composition is really nice and easy to understand. However, as it is I feel the colours do not make this infographic pop. Perhaps making the background white and the different coloured circles brightly coloured would make the image stand out more. Good work, keep it up! 🙂


  4. I really like this! The blue background makes it stand out and for that reason it is interesting. One thing I would be careful with is the use of grey/charcoal on a dark blue background, the words “components of” are a bit hard to read. change them to white or a lighter grey and it will make it easier to read! Otherwise looking good!!


  5. V effective! goood colour scheme, soft yet bright, orange contrasts well with the background. I would maybe move the word exposure left a little as it’s a bit close to the edge. Apart from that, looks great!


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