I’ve made drafts for my three ideas. I need to pick a new one. The ones with the tick next to them are the ones I like best. What topic do you think I should pursue?




5 thoughts on “Drafts!!

  1. These ideas seem good, I like the exposure one, or the second image, the best because it seems easiest to understand (for me anyway) and it is an important part of getting the best quality images. The image that you have ticked in the second picture is good, but seeing it how it is, I think to see it as a draft on illustrator would be pretty tops. Me personally, I like the picture below that one with the graph in the center and the info for the ISO, aperture and shutter because the graph is easy to understand and any important information can highlight the necessary mix or blend of exposure for a picture. Other than that, it seems good 🙂


  2. I think the photographic Preparation idea is the best one! I think it’ll be easier to show in a way that makes sense on a infographic on an infographic as you’ll be able to clearly show the process 🙂


  3. Hello! 🙂 I really like the exposure idea!! I think it will be the most informative of all the topics, and I really like the design you have thought up! The other idea you have designed that I like is the photo shoot preparation so either of these would be cool! Another cool idea you could do for the exposure idea is at the top have a range of options of how you want your photo to look and you can give options as to what aperture etc they want in order to reach that style! Each circle below these can have the different settings they need to focus on. I would also recommend explaining what each setting means and does to the camera! e.g. aperture controlling the light that reaches the sensor.


  4. Hi Kelsey, I think you have come up with some great ideas around an idea that is unique in the sense that not many people would know what goes on behind the face value of a single photograph. I do like the concept of keeping everything tidy in boxes that create a flow for the viewer to follow when looking at your composition. On thing to think about would be the spacing of the different shapes that you may use so that the square and circular shapes blend in well.


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