Progress #2

After showing Matt (my tutor) my draft plan and layout we decided there was too much going on and it was kind of boring. Currently I am looking into ideas that relate to photography. Potential ideas and inspirational infographics;

– What camera should you use?

– How to prepare for a photoshoot

– Photography compositions

– focus on one technique instead of five
DCM125.shoot_basics.indd DCM150.shoot_basics.indd
– How to get the right exposure
sshot506c50fdcd797 Exposure-Guide2 digital-photography-exposure-guide_51d6e7cd4e112 85372_05cd6ef004ed41bd91d69a89f0fbdabe
– Night photography
At the moment I am leaning towards doing either “what camera should you use”, how to prepare for a photoshoot, photo compositions, or exposure. Which one do you think would be best to pursue?

3 thoughts on “Progress #2

  1. I agree with your tutors comments and think that it is better to stick to one thing and make it really interesting. I like the idea of how to prepare fro a photoshoot.There are many infographics around that detail the different camera abilities and techniques, so looking at how to set up could be interesting and quirky. Just again, make sure that you don’t have too many things going on as the infographic has to be done on A4.


  2. I really like the look of the second one, its good you have realised that your idea wasn’t right now early on so you can change it and produce something better, I changed my idea yesterday as well, and I think the best thing to do is go with something you are really interested in. Maybe try think about the part you like best about photography? you could do something like how to take the best picture and have something behind the camera like the third one of something you enjoy taking photos of? Just an idea! good luck finding a process I am sure you will come up with a really cool idea 🙂


  3. I really like the topic you have picked as there is a lot of information, so therefore you have a good number of options! I really like the idea of the topic of what camera best suits you! I find this is a common problem people have. I think that this would also be good as it would give you a few different options! In saying that the basics like aperture, exposure, rule of thirds etc would also be a really good idea to explain! I really like the lay out of the questionnaire-like info-graphic! The only problem would be is you don’t want to make it too similar to the examples! I agree with Maxine’s comments also, decide what your favourite part is, or something you initially found challenging? Will be cool to see what you come up with! 🙂


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