Photography Infographics

This is my final research post. I decided to get them all out of the way now as I will be busy with other assignments and exam preparation from next week onwards. I was going to do a post on the process of creating an infographics but felt my priority would be looking at other photography infographics to get some ideas. I will comment my opinion on them.

I feel this infographic has too much going on at the top, and little going on at the bottom. The colour layout is basic which gives me the impression it is informative. I like how they have describes the aperture, shutter speed, and iso. There are minimal words and I get an understanding of what they are trying to communicate through the pictures. The writing for shutter speed and aperture is too small for the viewer. The font used to write is hard to read.

I feel the colour scheme is not appropriate. It is too colourful which distracts me a little bit from what the image is trying to communicate. This infographic is boring as it hardly has pictures and uses timelines and words to inform the viewer. I however do like the concept of having the timeline like a camera film with arrows on the end.
I feel this infographic is very strong. The colour scheme is professional. I do however think the camera should have been a different colour instead of red to make it stand out a little bit, as well as the images. The writing is too small to read and too narrow. I like the way they have used settings to show how the technique works. I want to so something similar.

I feel this infographic is awful. There are so many things wrong. It is too colourful, I feel like I am a six year old at Lollipops play centre. It feels targeted at girls with the use of ranibows, hearts and stars. The camera looks like a poor doodle. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH WRITING? Maybe it is because the person can’t draw (evident through the camera). They have described settings appropriate for the technique however they failed to actually explain the technique.
 like this infographic. I feel the colour scheme goes well together (except the green). The background looks artistic which is relevant to what the infographic is showing. I LOVE the layout and want to do something similar. The illustrations are simple but effective. I was planning on doing something a bit more creative but this has showed me sometimes simple is better. So I will play around with both simple and creative. The illustrations in shutter speed are not very relevant and are hard to see on the blue. The white balance is where the infographic fails. They fail to show what white balance does. They only communicate the different types available.

nother terrible and boring infographic. Sure it gets all the infomation across but I’d much rather prefer to look at an infographic with visuals than a heap of words. However a good job was done on having a professional colour scheme.

Let’s start off with the bad. The colour scheme looks like ironman made this. According to the culture of colour these colours are associated with warmth, power, anger and love. That has nothing to do with photography? the lightening bolt for aperture has no purpose but a beginner wouldn’t. I get they are trying to say it is to do with light but why not use a light bulb or the sun? Onto the good. I love the fact they have used different objects to associate speed. It gives a humor and light hearted feel while being informative. The mountains on the exposure are cool but do they serve a purpose? not really. The ISO doodles aren’t very relevant as we are doing photography not music. However the message is still clear. They have done this infographic in a unique way which works. There is little writing which is good as we are able to visually see what each technique does.

Which Infographic is your favourite and why?

One thought on “Photography Infographics

  1. I’d hit number 1 on that. Basic but effective, I don’t get thrown off by everything at the top. Because there is plenty of space around the images throughout the rest, the information doesn’t kinda scare you off reading it. The colour scheme is simple and gives a blueprint type effect, like “I’m reading this to plan or learn something”. They could possibly have gone for horizontal information throughout, with the camera modes and white balance, but then again it would look like the rest do. I find number 2 too intimidating, too much going on, 3 boring dull colour tbh, 4 ew. 5 is kinda funky, gives a classic feel to it, although the fonts are all over the place and messy. 6 totally lame and 7 gross but the icons are cool, if only the colour wasn’t so bad. So yeah I think the first one is what you should aim to get closest to.


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