Types of Infographics

Before I can begin my infographics I need to research what types there are and pick a type I want to pursue. There are eight types of infographics.

1. Visual Article; takes a lengthy piece of writing and makes it visual. Needs a strong title to be successful. The viewer is engaged by the header. The content must be varied, interesting and plentiful to avoid disappointed readers.


2. Flowchart; Answers a specific question by giving choices to the reader so they reach the right answer for them. They are simple, light hearted, and can be humorous. Simple is better as clutter is off-putting to the audience.  However numerous options are needed to avoid viewers feeling forced into categories.


3. Timeline; Made up of chronological dates that are visualised making an interesting shareable graphic. It takes the user on a journey and can be simple or complex.


4. Useful Bait; Explain something or answer a question by visually showing how to do it. This is infographic has a usability preference over design. Content has to be strictly relevant to the topic at hand.

5. Versus; Compares two things and places them in a side-by-side comparison to visually view the differences. Design is important when working with lots of data. Similarities need to be mentioned to give audience the full scope.


6. Number Porn; An infographic containing impressive numbers/statistics to visualise. Made up of charts and numbers. Design is needed to support the data.

7. Photo; Use photos to visualise the content or story. Offer a unique design to helpfully explain something using real life photos. They can answer a question or guide the reader through visuals or text.


8. Data Vis; Turns information into an appealing and creative visual. The focus is on design.


Sites used;

Based on my research I feel my infographic will be a Useful Bait infographic. This is because it will show the viewer the techniques required to take a successful manual photo. There will be elements of timeline and visual when describing each tecnique.


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