Colour Scheme

Colour scheme is an important factor to consider when making an infographic. To make my job easier I have decided to research into this now so when it comes to making everything I have my colour scheme and palette all sorted out. Colour is used to tie information together, clarify information and capture/guide a viewer’s attention.

I know the image above was used in the tutorial slideshow but I feel it accurately portrays everything needed to make my choice. It is best to view it in full.
According to this colour wheel I need to use the following colours
blue; art/creativity, cool and intelligence
black; intelligence
white; intelligence
orange/yellow; warmth

I need the warm and cool colours when describing my techniques. This is explained in my photography techniques research post. I need to communicate the idea of art and creativity as that is what manual photography is. How could I create a successful image without portraying the roots of photography somehow? Finally, intelligence needs to be communicated as I am teaching the viewers how to do something. This will help them to trust the information and treat it as credible. I however want to incorporate a grey as I feel it goes well. It is used to create balance which works well.

Based upon this research I need to find a cool colour scheme including white, blue, black and grey. I feel purple could work in here too. It has no negative connotations. This would I have selected a few and pasted images below. Which do you think would work best?

1. (first colour on the right is white)

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