Communication Objectives

Before I set out my communication objectives I need to understand what the assignment is asking of me. I have summarised this below for future reference.

– Show how something works using illustrations to provide the information
– Small sized graphic summarising the larger graphic with an icon and a title. Must be relevant to the topic.
– A large informational graphic.
– use minimal text.

I am going to do my informational graphic on Manual Photography. I have a passion for photography so this means I already have the knowledge and the interest to complete the assignment to the best of my capability. I however do need to research further into the process.

I am going to communicate to the viewers what the techniques involved in manual photography are. The list is below.
– Aperture
– Shutter Speed
– Exposure
– White balance

The image will be split into five charts showing the processes of the techniques with a heading outlining the technique name.
– What the technique does
– How the technique works
– Each stage of the techniques process and the photographic subject it is suited to.

2 thoughts on “Communication Objectives

  1. Hey Kelsey, this sounds like a great idea! There are so many possibilities for creating things like infographics when it comes to using a camera, so I think that you have got a great base point to work with. I also like that you’ve picked something that relates to your hobbies, it makes assignments far more enjoyable. One thing I must say is that the idea of using 5 charts has freaked me out a bit. I’m unsure how you’re going to lay them out but I am a bit concerned that it may be rather full on and look a little messy? Hopefully you have an idea in your head that has a good layout sorted and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it (may end up using this infographic for my own photography one it’s complete).


  2. This is a really good idea! You will be able to strongly communicate the process clearly which is a big part of the grade so well done :), its good that you have chosen something you are interested in as I feel it always helps because you enjoy the assignment along the way. There is so many cool ways you could show this process, such as having someone actually taking a photo, or showing on the camera where the buttons are. You could also to try get a higher grade incorporate anther element/process which could be what the picture turns out like if you shot it in manual correctly if that makes sense?
    Overall really cool Idea, I cant wait to see the rest of your research and how it turns out 🙂 one thing to be careful of is don’t make it to clutter as it could blur your process your trying to communicate!


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