My photo-real image was created to portray the danger dating applications pose as it enables stalking. This was the focus of my article and I feel I have portrayed the idea well. I had a set back while editing as I could not get the GPS symbol to look photo-real no matter how many textures and adjustments I did added or decreased for it. For the GPS I filled it in with colour and adjusted the opacity. I contoured and textured each individual element making up the GPS. It just wasn’t working. I decided to remove this idea as my other photographic elements were strong enough to make the message clear. My image consists of a girl walking through an alleyway just before dark, dressed in white clothing to portray her innocence. Behind her is an oversized man in dark clothing who is unable to be identified due to shadows on his face. This makes the audience unaware of who is it, as well as the girl. On the walls beside her are two silhouettes coming out of portals trying to grab her. The silhouettes are dark enough so the face is not identifiable but light enough to see the hands.

Prior to this assignment I had photoshop knowledge due to taking photography in school and editing photos in my spare time. However, I used to do this quite destructively only using masks for the cutting out of the main subject. In Visual Communications I applied the rule of ALWAYS using layer or vector masks when editing. This was the best idea I have ever been exposed to as I was constantly needing to remove parts of my image and re-add them if I had to change my composition. I did this using a variety of tools; the pen tool, quick selection, marquee tools and the paintbrush. Then feathered or smoothed mask edges when required. I used the clone stamp and healing brush tool to pattern the sky, removing trees from the background then in a separate layer painted it black on a low capacity via soft light to make it darker to have the mysterious element. I also used it on footpath to remove the model from my original image. This is because she was too dark so I sourced her from another image, masked her out and incorporated her. Shadows were added to her face and under her feet using a combination of the burn tool and paintbrush in a separate layer. This was also done with the male figure standing behind her. The portals were created using the elliptical marquee tool to create warped circles on the background then duplicated (note both portals were made on separate layers). Then on the duplicated layers I selected the duplicated area and used the distort -> zig-zag tool to create pond ripples. I then adjusted the amount and ridges to make a realistic looking portal. To make the silhouettes appear as though they were coming out of the walls I had to make the edge of the body circular to match the portal entrance then use the blur tool ever so slightly to make it appear integrated. Secondly, I had to warp the perspective of the figures to the appropriate angle. Finally, I added slight drop shadows under the figures to give the creepy feel and to have realistic shadows. The heart was created similar to the GPS using textures and contours, however with the heart I had to warp the perspective and add a drop glow to make it appear similar to the glowing apple logo on tablets and smartphones.

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