Progress Report

What I have done;
– Masked out the background and enlarged the male figure
– Masked out/in areas to make it appear he is behind her
– Used curves to lighten his face up a little bit
– Removed trees from the background by duplicating the layer & using clone stamp
– Masked out 2/3 figures coming out of the walls
– Masked out the gps logos background, filled in with appropriate colours and linked the layers together for easier movement
– Masked out the heart background, filled in with appropriate colours and linked layers together for easier movement
– Named all files (the two not in the screenshot have now been named)
– Created folders for easier editing

Yet to do;
– Lighting adjustments (female model, screen reflection)
– Finish masking out the figures coming out of the wall and turn into silhouettes
– Make the figures look as though they are coming out of the wall
– Make the gps symbol look realistic
– Make the colours on the arrow darker so the arrow is more noticable
– Create a circle around the heart
– Adjust/create shadows.

How do you guys think I am getting along? Any feedback is appreciated 🙂

7 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Wow this looks great! The colours are dark and moody, which conveys a strong message. Also the composition is balanced and visually appealing. My only concern is with the GPS symbol. Is this considered as photo real? I would hate to see you lose marks over that as your work is awesome.


    1. Will be discussing with my tutor tomorrow as how to make it photo real. If I’m not successful I may get rid of it but incorporate the dating app logo into another part of the image. Maybe on the back of the phone.


  2. I think making our photos photo real is one of the hardest things about our criteria because it is very easy to have a great image but it can easily get mixed up and look like a graphic design project rather than a photoreal image :/ I know myself I have really struggled with gaining photo realism so I am really excited to see how you go about achieving this! I completely love the concept of your idea and also how you are going about expressing it! The way you have used lighting so that your image is dark and moody but not dark enough so you cannot see the model and people involved is good! i also like how the face is lighten up slightly as well. I agree with the above comment that if you just tweaked that pink heart it will look all that more bit better! And potentially if you either make the models face or the image itself slightly lighter! Good luck with finishing! It is looking good 🙂


  3. When i first saw your image something that struck out to me was the GPS symbol, i think that having it not look as ‘real’ as the other parts in your photo makes a statement. It flows with your communication objectives as the mass media creates an un-real world that people are now consciously surrounded by. The fact that the GPS symbol doesn’t appear as real could signify the fact that she’s too concentrated in this ‘make believe world’ that she has no idea what is actually happening. I think your work is great and i think you’ve worked really well with the colours as it creates that really creepy feeling and reminds people of how odd all of these dating apps really are!


  4. I think your progress image is great and is conveying a very strong message to the viewer. I like the lighting how it is dark and moody but at the same time I think a little bit lighter on their faces would be good and then maybe reverse that with the background. I agree with Ashley I do like the GPS symbol, and the fact that it is like a cartoon, even though it isn’t photo realism it definitely serves a purpose that adds an enormous amount to your image. To me it does look like it has come out of an app or a game, which I think communicates well with the man lurking in the back, as though it is like a game to him. And i think the colour contrast with the real world and the GPS symbol works well as it really stands out and draws your eye immediately.


  5. The thing that I noticed the most in your photo was how the man is towering over the little girl, it shows to me that she is powerless and consumed by the device (dating app). It is a really powerful way to portray the angle you are wanting to approach! Well Done 🙂


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