Concept Thumbnails

I have ordered my concept thumbnails in what I believe is strongest to weakest. To recap on my message and communication objectives; I am portraying how dating applications are making it easier to stalk/track people, and putting people in danger. I want to communicate this idea using a mobile, have an oblivious female, and a silhouette or masked male so the girl and audience are both clueless as to who it is. Phone screens will be created in photoshop, as well as GPS symbols and the logo. If this is not allowed due to breaching the brief I will be drawing the symbols on paper, photographing them, then editing them in photoshop to look photo real.

Thumbnail One:
A silhouetted man is holding a phone with a dating app open. I am considering having the man wearing an anonymous mask too. The screen shows a map with girls photos on it accompanied by a shape with a tick and a cross. So he can identify the girls in front of him and whether he likes them or not. The girls are on the street are holding their phones have a gps symbol with a shape in them. This connects the girls with the photos. In the corner of the application will be the application logo. Which I will show at the end of this post. I have another alternative look for the application screen below which has the same components but a different layout.
Thumbnail Two;
This was my original idea. A female would be on her phone with the dating application open, the logo would be on the screen. She is walking down a dark alleyway and out of the walls are silhouetted figures trying to reach her. I could add a GPS symbol above her head with the application logo in it to communicate the idea more.

Thumbnail Three;
Similar to the previous thumbnails, however this time we have the female walking towards the silhouetted man in the street. He has the dating application open on his phone. The GPS symbol will be coming out of the phone with a photo of the female accompanied by a tick and cross underneath. In the bottom of the phone screen is the application logo.

Thumbnail Four;
The concept is the same as the previous thumbnail. A female walking down a street/alleyway. Around the corner of the wall is a male watching her. However, this time the male is wearing a black hat and sunglasses to hide who is it. He has a phone out with a dating application open showing the application logo, a photo of her and a tick/cross.

Note; Ignore the fact I have drawn the male with four arms, I forgot he was going to be holding a phone when I drew him, whoops. He will not have four in the real image if this thumbnail is selected.

Thumbnail Five;
A female is holding her phone in front of her. On the screen will be the dating application open, a blurred photo of a male will be on the screen along with the application logo. There will be a silhouetted hand coming out of the screen towards her face. I am unsure of what colour the background would be, I was thinking black to convey mystery but the silhouette would not stand out, unless I just have a shadowed arm.

Thumbnail Six;
This would be a split image. On the left side would be a male wearing dark sunglasses in a dark room with minimal lighting on his face and phone to convey a spooky feel. He will have his phone. In the background will be strange objects such as female dolls or knives. On the right side would be a female wearing make up and looking pretty. She too has her phone. In the background will be a flower wallpaper design. On both phones will be the dating application logo.


There will be a heart, it will be red. I took the photo before I drew in the left side coloured. Both sides will be coloured. An arrow is going through the heart and on the end is a flower, it will probably be a red or pink. People are familiar with an arrow going through a heart due to valentine’s day, and flowers are associated with dating. Therefore I think this is an effective way to communicate it is a dating application.

11 thoughts on “Concept Thumbnails

  1. You’ve got some really good ideas! Personally, my favorites are 1,2 and 5. I think you should look further in to your fifth thumbnail as it could be very emotionally and visually effective and you may have overlooked the capability of that idea! The hidden appearance of the man will be a very important aspect when portraying the mysteries and dangers of online dating. Rather than disguising him in sunglasses and a hat, you could look more into shadowing his appearance, which would also give it a spooky element. I think by also shadowing the figure, it removes the physical appearance and gender of them. This then dodges arguments that women can also be dodgy to meet through online dating, otherwise it could be seen as a stereotypical representation! You’ve got some really great ideas that are all quite different from one another and this gives you many alternatives and options! Can’t wait to see which one you choose!


  2. I really like your first concept. I think it is well thought out and would clearly demonstrate your article. I also like how you would draw your own logo and then go onto edit it in photoshop.


  3. I really like your second idea, I think it communicates the ideas and messages in your article really strongly, and it really taps into the fear of meeting someone in a dark alley way at night


  4. I think you have a great concept that could be quite visually striking. I feel the 2nd and 5th thumbnails would work best for this assessment.I could only recommend thinking carefully about which thumbnail is best going to suit a photo-real image. Something that wouldn’t be possible without Photoshop. For example the shadow hand reaching out of the phone which I think is really rememberable. Good luck in your project!


  5. I really like tumbnails four and five! But across all you thumbnails I particularly liked the ideas you had with putting the GPS symbol above her head, and I think you have the potential to use some really strong techniques in terms of shadows, especially if you went with concept 4! xx


  6. I really like your first and second idea. I think that it would be cool to make the man more like a large dark figure, rather than disguising him as I think that would create more horror and danger around this topic. You could switch the figures around so have him at the back of the image shadowing over the women. I think you could also make concept two very visually captivating especially with the hands coming out of the walls, but you would definitely need the gps symbol above her head just to make it that little bit clearer. I think which ever idea you choose will turn out great! Goodluck! 🙂


  7. I think you have really good concepts here,I personally like your first idea the best, as I believe it would portray your message the strongest! I like the idea of having the GPS symbol as this is just such a strong representation! One thing I would consider is how you make the man up maybe instead of having him as just a silhouette, you could consider just making him look creepy and scary with shadowing and editing him to look very ruff looking with cuts and bruises etc I have found an example of what I think you should make your man look like:
    Overall, Really good ideas! I am excited to see your final image! well done 🙂

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  8. Really good ideas! I think the message is easily passed through all of them, although to me the strongest was the second picture as it depicted more of the message (if that makes sense) than the last. Good luck!


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