Research: Green Screen

Something I am going to be using is green screen. Green screen allows you to insert any background when you’ve photographed your subject. The bold coloration is not found in our skin tones therefore software can easily target and eliminate the green colour leaving the most important parts of the image. This is an effective tool for inserting my subject into my image background. To do this successfully I need to follow some instructions I have listed below.

Lighting is important when shooting for the green screen as it will create balance and avoid shadowing. A light should be on both sides on the green screen as well as on the subject and the background to provide an even tone. The subject needs to stand about 6-10 feet away from the green screen to avoid shadowing.

Proper positioning of lights to minimize shadows

It is best to have a female subject’s hair tied up to avoid loose hair strands on the green screen that will be hard to edit out. You need to be cautious of shiny and leather closing as the green will reflect onto the item and disappear when the green is removed.

The way green screen editing works is in photoshop a sample is taken of a colour then given a range based on that colour. All colours within that range are removed from the image, and can therefore be replaced for another background. The three primary tools used to remove a background or foreground are the magic wand, lasso, and colour range. Touch ups will need to be done after using these tools to fix rough edges. It is a good idea to use a mask to avoid permanently deleting pixels.

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