Communication Objectives

The idea I am going to visualise in my image is mobile dating apps are making it easier to stalk people. When drawing sketches I had three ideas of how to portray my idea.

1. Have a split image. On one side would be a filthy, fat, messy looking male smiling creepily at his phone in a dark lit room. And on the other side a pretty, young, smiling girl in a nature setting. I felt this would be discriminative and having a negative stereotype set towards overweight people so decided against it.

2. A girl side on smiling at her tablet/mobile phone. A silhouette of an arm and face would be coming out of the screen towards her face.  With a logo of a dating app in the corner. I decided against this idea as I can not used an apps  logo without breaking copyright and if I created my own I felt people would know it’s about an app but be unsure what it is saying.

3. My current idea a female or male will be placed in the centre of my image (rule of thirds) walking in a dark lit alley way. There will be two walls that will be created in photoshop using lines and filling in the section with textures if I do not find a suitable alleyway. This is to create an idea of when you are on your phone you are distracted from what is going on around you. You are oblivious to danger. Coming out of the walls will be silhouettes of people trying to grab the individual. The silhouettes will be dark enough so you can not see their face but have light so you can see the hands trying to grab the person. This represents the idea of you never know who you are talking to while on your phone and the idea of dating apps making it easier for people to stalk you. I will take the image of a person on green screen and use photoshop to edit, then repetition of the silhouettes. I will be using leading lines to lead the viewer’s eye to the person and phone first then the silhouettes. Making the audience just as oblivious as the individual in the image.

Below is a brief sketch of how I will portray this idea.
Overall objectives;
– Have the female girl oblivious as she is too invested in her phone to notice the stalker
– Use a symbol of a heart and wifi to represent a dating app. This will be on both mobiles
– Have the male masked or as a silhouette to give the idea you never know who you are talking to.
– Dark setting to emphasis mystery and danger

Feel free to critique my idea and provide feedback on what I can do to improve my idea. And if you think another idea was stronger.

8 thoughts on “Communication Objectives

  1. I like the subject, I would shove a bunch of those ideas together. My opinion would be to stick with the dark alley way with the woman walking down it but perhaps walking away from shot in the distance, while in the foreground you could have the silhouette or darkened image of your stalker in an over the shoulder shot, looking at their smartphone with a profile picture of their target (the woman in the distance)? You would avoid copyright by just having a front the picture of the target, rather than the layout of a social media website. Also, the dark over/above the shoulder silhouette would take out any chance of discrimination on the stalkers identity. It would probably take 3 photos in the combined image. One would be your woman in the alleyway, the second the over the shoulder shot, and to make the phone picture stand out and to avoid using a stock image, you may have to take that separately and basically paste it in to the phone?
    Is that too much?


  2. I think your third idea would definitely work out the best with the oblivious male/female with silhouettes. I really like the way you’re going with the image. However, you would really want to emphasize some sort of point that it is based around the dangers of online dating, because if I didn’t know the explanation behind your idea I think I would assume it was to do with how much we immerse into technology and ignore things around us. Hope this helps 🙂


  3. I agree with @timbelin, you could definitely incorporate a couple of these ideas together. I particularly like the idea of the girl walking down the alley so absorbed in her phone, because that is exactly what us young people are like. So absorbed in social media that we don’t focus on the world around us. And that message is also something that would strengthen your message of us being oblivious to the danger surrounding us both physically and through our cyber worlds. So that’s a great idea.
    What I would say is that perhaps the idea of all the hands reaching out might be quite a difficult thing to achieve, especially given that you want her to be the first thing that the audience sees, and I would be worried that there was too much going on in the image that might distract from the focus.


  4. I agree with Tim as well! I think it would be visually powerful to combined a couple of the ideas together to really create a strong message, I think the third idea is definitely the strongest as it is so true, if you look around university for example so many students just walk around on their phones and they don’t even look up to see what is happening around them! Maybe you could incorporate her foot steps showing the dangers she has walked through already from being on her phone? Over all this is a really good Idea but just be careful to not have to much going on in the background, as Becky states the hands reaching out might become distracting and take your eye away from the main focus being the girl.


  5. I agree with @amyfrecklington. With your third idea it could be hard to figure out what the theme is all about. the theme could be about isolating from the world with your phone, that people tries to reach you on the phone all the time etc. I think you need to make it more obvious that it is all about dating apps. If its possible then show the stalker’s phone with a picture of the girl on it.

    Maybe it could also be an idea to play with dimensions. A ‘huge’ man/guy looking at her from above like she was a doll in a doll house. To get the feeling that he is stalking/watching her. And if possible off course with a phone in his hand with a picture of her on the screen.

    But I really like your theme and I’m looking forward to seeing where it is going to end!


  6. All of your ideas are cool! I feel like simple is best when trying to convey an idea from an article to image. You don’t want your viewer to get confused with the idea. I really liked the second idea, I think it shows the problem with social media and dating apps but also the naivety of how we act with our smart phones. To solve the idea of not using the app logo, you create your own but not make it the vocal point of the piece. It would just be something that informs the viewer what type of social media does this to us, jus my opinion though! Whatever you decide on I’m sure it will be great!


  7. This is a really good idea. The relevance to todays society will make it much easier to communicate your ideas as the public will understand the idea easier as it is fresh in their mind. Also for the audience, assuming it is your peers, this topic holds strong, as almost all of us will know of someone or even personally have experienced social media and dating apps.


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