My research began when I started browsing news websites unsure of what direction I wanted to go in, that was until I found a topic of interest. The addiction society has to smartphones. However as I was reading I found the topic of interest was too open. Therefore I went onto various news websites looking for a piece describing the negatives of smartphone addiction in depth. I narrowed it down to three subtopics; smartphones stunting the development of children, smartphones turning people into zombies, and smartphone apps tracking people’s movements. I decided to go on an article titled “Happn dating app seems like a stalker’s dream” published Sunday February 12th 2015. This is my chosen article as it has a lot of detail, is relevant in society, and it clearly painted a picture in my mind of the direction I can take my image. The article explains the risk of sexual assault and stalking due to a dating app that uses GPS tracking to tell others all about yourself, where you currently are, and how far away you are. My aim is to make viewers become more aware of the dangers smartphones pose as it could potentially endanger their lives. The source I gathered my article from is the New Zealand site  which is part of Fairfax Media. It is a multi-award winning news and information website, meaning it is a reliable source.

Happn is the latest addition to the app-based dating scene.
Stuff. (2015). Happn is the latest addition to the app-based dating scene. Retrieved from

9 thoughts on “Article

  1. I think you’ve chosen a great topic! With smartphones such a big part of people’s lives, dating apps such as ‘Happn’ have very much become the norm and are changing the way people view dating and relationships. I’m interested to see how you will communicate the potential danger these apps pose, balanced with the prevalence of these devices and apps in our society.


  2. Hi Kelsey, I like your chosen article which is a very current issue, not just society’s addiction to smartphones as you mentioned but also how online dating and dating apps are so popular now. The article has a lot of scope for a creative photo-real image and the content is very interesting. You mentioned that you are aiming to communicate the negatives of the dating app in your image (making viewers become more aware of the dangers smartphones pose as it could potentially endanger their lives) but as idea, playing devil’s advocate, there seems to be scope for expressing the positive side of the app too such as the popularity and uniqueness of the app and the chance to cross paths with someone literally. Approaching from either the negative or positive angle opens up more creative ideas and either way the article is interesting and a good choice.


  3. I really like your article choice! It is definately relevant to current society and you should be able to create a visually interesting image which uses a lot of symbolism and various photoshop techniques. When planning and creating your image insure you think about your target audience, smartphone dating and the reliance of cellphones relates to youth more than the elderly. You may find it challenging to find symbols that all age groups will understand, as younger people visualise dating a lot differently than older people.


  4. Great choice of article. I’m guilty of not being able to put my phone down half the time to check all my social media accounts! Privacy (esp. with dating apps these days!!) is always a big issue and is quite scary when you think about all the dangers we face, esp. as women. Would be very interesting to see your final image 🙂


  5. This is a really relevant article choice that highlights many issues in our society today. Although we know that these risks exist with smartphones, I don’t think that people realize how serious the consequences can be. This is a very broad article and you can tackle it in many different ways, depending on what approach you want to take (whether you want it to be a subtle, hidden message or painstakingly obvious). Remember to think about your target audience carefully as it really impacts the strength of your message and how it is interpreted.


  6. have you watched eye candy? it’s a new show about a girl who is stalked by an anonymous person she met/dated on a tinder-like phone app, who constantly threatens her and (spoiler) ends up killing her cop boyfriend in the pilot out of jealousy. might give you some ideas about your topic/images?


  7. Hey Kelsey. I think you have chosen a great topic to discuss as dating apps are so popular in today’s society. The continuous addiction to our smartphones helps dating apps operate and creates this dangerous situation we are putting ourselves into by registering to them. I don’t think people quite understand the negative aspects of it and thats where I think it is good to focus on in a photo-real image. I’m interested to see your final product 🙂


  8. I was thinking the same thing as Zoe while I was reading your article! Eye Candy is a show that could possibly help you with some ideas such as colour schemes or just visual ideas in general that could be used. I’m excited to see your finished product.


  9. I think you have chosen a very powerful issue to create your photo-real image. This article really relates to the younger generation as we are always on our cellphones and especially now, teenagers are trying out the new dating apps without realising the danger that can come with it but allowing people to see where you are from. This article allows you to think of many ways you can approach your image, especially with photoshop you will be able to create some very interesting images. I think targeting this to a younger audience will let them know that this is a big problem in our society. Keep up the good work, and Im looking forward to seeing your final image.


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